Prof. Walter Lewin’s Video Lectures on Physics

Prof. Walter Lewin is a Professor Emeritus of Physics at the MIT. He is famous for the interesting physics video lectures freely available on the internet. These lectures has been used by more than four million students and teachers all over the world. Walter Lewin Lectures on Physics takes you through classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism and vibration and waves.

Prof. Lewin says:

If the student says I find physics boring and dull it’s simply means one thing that they had a bad teacher. Any good teacher can turn physics into something absolutely spectacular.

Prof. Lewin takes these lectures to a whole new level. He has prepared around 600 physics demonstration for 100 lectures. He presents the concepts along with the its live demonstrations. Demonstrations are very important, students enjoy it and help them to learn easily.

A lot of hard work and preparations goes into delivering the single one hour lecture. For every lecture he gives takes about 40 hours to prepare. He rehearses three times in real-time with an empty class and writes on board whatever he has to write during the the lecture. Giving a dry run of the same lecture three times is really hard. He also has to take all sort of measures to have safe demonstrations. He would try his best to make experiments interesting, he would hang to a pendulum and explain that time period is independent of mass. At times, he would put his life on the line by demonstrating his faith in the Conservation of Mechanical Energy.

I have enjoyed watching these lecture. I first came to know about these in early 2006 during my fourth year at IIT Kanpur. I thank my friend Deepak Sachan for introducing these great lectures to me.

I suggest do watch these lectures if you are a physics enthusiast. These are definitely beneficial for high school and undergraduate students. I definitely recommend these video lectures for IIT-JEE preparation. Every physics teacher should also watch these.

Link to the video lectures on MIT OpenCourseWare:

Here is a short interview with Prof. Lewin:

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